How To Handle A Medical Care Need When You Have Few Financial Resources

It is quite rare for one individual to go through life without being sick and needing a physician's care. Unfortunately, even with federal requirements in place, not every person can afford medical insurance, and costs for medical expenses can be some of the highest bills you ever have. If you find yourself in need of medical attention, no health insurance, and no cash to pay for hefty bills at a doctor's office, there are a few things that you should consider that may help.

Free Health Clinics

Not every location has a free health clinic in the vicinity, but there are many that do and this can prove to be crucial to people who are sick and have nowhere to go for help. Free health clinics are operated in part by the federal government and in part by health care professionals willing to do what they can to help people in the community with medical care. While the federal government funds many of these health care clinics, physicians do not get a substantial cut of that funding. Therefore, many clinical physicians are there because they volunteer some of their time to the public.

Most free health clinics do not require an appointment and will see patients without regard to their financial offerings or insurance. When you are in need of medical attention, this is one solution that may make it possible for you to see a doctor.

Physician Outreach Programs

Doctors and dentists who become a part of a physician's outreach program are a valuable thing to you if you do not have the money for medical care. This is a rather new take on the same idea of free clinics, but it operates in a different way.

If your income is below federal poverty guidelines and you meet certain criteria, such as not being eligible for health insurance, you may qualify to take part in an outreach program. As a participant, you will see a doctor in their office free of charge and other health services, such as testing or x-rays, will be performed at a reduced cost. Physician outreach programs, like Marketware, are available in different forms in various states across the country.

When it comes down to being in a position where you have to choose between medical care and food or utilities, it can be a scary situation to face. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for medical care for free or at a reduced cost. Consult your local human resources office for help with finding a care provider in your area.