Tips To Care For Your Tankless Water Heater

Installing an on-demand hot water system is a great way to maintain a consistent hot water flow most of the time. However, these hot water heaters do require some general care and maintenance. Here are a few common tasks you should complete regularly to help keep your tankless system in good condition. Keep The Inlet Screen Clear All of the water drawn into the system has to flow through the inlet screen first. [Read More]

Three Ways To Sell School Fundraising Products Without Going Door To Door

Nearly every school across the country uses fundraisers as a method of meeting shortfalls in their budgets. The most common method to earn money is by selling products from companies that donate a portion of the sales price to the seller. There are numerous products to choose from, but the problem has been how to increase the amount of the sales. Parents and teachers understand that door-to-door sales, a profitable method at one time, is now too risky for children. [Read More]

8 Tips For Handling A Smoke Detector And False Alarms

Smoke detectors are an important part of keeping your family and home safe. Ideally, the detector should sound when it detects the presence of high levels of heat or smoke. However, the detector can experience false alarms. If your detector is connected to your home's security system, the fire department could show up. To avoid false alarms, here are some steps you can take now. Check the batteries. When the smoke detector's batteries are weak or improperly installed, it can sometimes trigger an alarm. [Read More]

Tips For Starting A Business Online

If you want to be an entrepreneur but don't necessarily have the funds to rent a storefront and pay employees to man your store, there is a good chance that you are going to consider starting an online store. Although online stores tend to have lower overhead, they come with their own challenges as well. Here are some tips that you should follow for starting your online business in order to increase the chances that it will be successful. [Read More]