Benefits Of Carrying A Concealed Weapon That Fires Rifle-Style Rounds

When you shop for a pistol that you'll legally carry in a concealed fashion, it's common to choose something that is compact. This can be ideal because it's easier to carry, especially for lengthy periods. However, if you're concerned about the risk of being caught in a mass shooting, you may feel as though your compact pistol doesn't give you the confidence that a larger gun might provide. One option is to consider a heavy-duty pistol that fires rounds that share some similarities with rifle rounds. [Read More]

Features To Look For In A Protective Face Shield For Pandemic Purposes

Pandemics can be pretty crazy because a particular virus can spread like wildfire. It's key during these chaotic times to protect yourself accordingly, which you can do by wearing a protective face shield. This apparatus will work out perfectly and help minimize your exposure if you look for these features in particular. Comfortable Design If you work at a place with a lot of people, then you may be forced to wear some sort of protective mask for a while during a pandemic. [Read More]