Two Tips For Maintaining Office Furniture

Owning a business can be a stressful task. In addition to ensuring your employees are comfortable and productive, you must also make sure that the office presents an impressive setting for potential customers and clients. While the type of furniture in the office will play a major role in achieving these goals, furniture can be expensive, and it is important to follow a couple of tips to ensure that your furniture looks great for many years to come.

Keep Leather Furniture Safe From Sun Damage

If your business is constantly hosting clients and customers, you will need to ensure that these individuals are comfortable while they are in your business. While these individuals are waiting, they will likely be judging your business based on the quality of the furnishings in the waiting room. Not surprisingly, many business leaders want to have their waiting rooms filled with comfortable high-end leather chairs and couches.

However, leather can be extremely expensive to purchase, and if it is not properly maintained, it can quickly start to degrade. While there are numerous threats to this material, many individuals make the critical mistake of overlooking the damages that can be caused by the sun. It is possible for the intense light rays to dry out the weather, and this can make it far more likely to crack.

You may be able to avoid this type of damage by keeping the leather out of any direct sunlight, but this may not always be a practical option. When this is the case, you should consider placing a throw blanket over the furniture or applying a sealant to keep the leather from drying out.

Keep Wood Furniture Finished

Rare and exotic woods are common materials that are used in the creation of luxury office furniture. However, these materials can suffer extensive damage from a variety of common sources. Whether it is discoloration or warping, damaged wood can ruin otherwise beautiful pieces of furniture. Luckily, there is a relatively simple step for reducing this risk.

To mitigate the risk of this damage, you should apply a protective finish to any wooden pieces of furniture. These finishes are designed to repel excessive amounts of moisture, and they block most of the harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The exact frequency with which you will need to apply the finishing will vary based on the product used, but the directions will clearly indicate how long the wood will be protected by the finish. When choosing a finish, you should always make sure that it offers protection against both sunlight and moisture.

Keeping your office furniture in excellent condition is essential for getting the most from this large investment. By following these two tips, you can help ensure that your furniture avoids some common problems. For more information on caring for office furniture, contact a company like D&R Office Works, Inc.