Three Landscaping Equipment Rentals That Can Help You Care For Your Lawn

If you're anything like the average homeowner, you want your lawn to look good. You could hire a professional landscaping company to care for your lawn, but this can be very expensive. Caring for your lawn on your own gives you something to be proud of and more importantly, it can save you money. If you're concerned that you don't have all the tools you need, don't worry. An equipment rental company can provide you with all the tools you need to get your lawn in excellent shape.


Are you looking to plant bushes, plants or even a small tree? If so, an auger is a piece of equipment that can help you accomplish this goal. In the simplest of terms, an auger is used for digging. However, unlike using a shovel or some other device, this piece of equipment is able to dig up small or narrow holes that are quite deep.

This gives you the depth you need to securely plant your growths without having to tear up a wider than necessary part of your lawn. In addition to planting, you can also use this equipment for digging space for posts for a fence.

Sod Cutter

There are more types of sod than you can probably count. If you have one particular type of sod, but you want to plant something entirely different, you first need to remove all the old sod. A sod cutter can help you complete this task more efficiently than trying to complete this process manually.

Sod cutters cut grass as its root, allowing you to remove sections of grass at a time. Most of these machines are gas powered and allow you to simply walk behind and push the sod cutter around the areas you want to remove the sod.  


A chipper can help you complete multiple tasks. If you've recently trimmed or cut down a tree, you know firsthand that this can leave a number of branches and other tree parts in your yard, leading to clutter. A chipper can help you eliminate clutter and make compost or mulch to use in your garden or for other landscaping needs.

In addition to tree parts, a chipper can also be used to shred any of your garden waste, including vines and leaves. Using this tool to help prepare your garden waste for disposal is especially helpful.

An equipment rental company can provide you with access to the tools you need to care for your lawn just as well as a professional landscaping company, but for a fraction of the cost.