"Is That A Real Super-Villain In The Comic Book Convention Crowd?" Is A Question Best Left To Trained Convention Security Pros

The popularity of superhero movies has led to comic book, science-fiction, and fantasy conventions becoming enjoyable social gatherings for fans. Costume play, the art of dressing up as a fantasy figure, is a major part of the festivities. Unfortunately, a real super-villain could try and sneak into the event undetected and launch a devious plan. Convention planners should hire skilled security personnel capable of telling the difference between a real villain and a play-acting one.

The Tells That Give Possibly Away The Villain

Even the most highly trained and supremely experienced super-villain may give him or herself away due to suspicious behavior. The average attendee of the convention is not likely to pick up on activities that peg someone as a costumed criminal. A trained professional, however, does keep an eye and ear out for suspicious behavior. Suspicious super-villain signs could include:

  • The attendee is not willing to be seen without a mask.

People who like to don the costume of a super-villain for play acting have no reason to hide a secret identity. A villain (or, for that matter, a hero) is willing to go to great lengths to prevent anyone from peering under a cowl. If someone tries to fix a villain's mask and get his/her hand unceremoniously slapped away, this definitely is going to raise red flags among security personnel.

  • The material used to make the costume is heavily tactical in nature.

Dressing up as a super-villain is all about aesthetics. A great deal of effort goes into making the outfit look visually impressive. Since the presentation of the costume is all about looks, a designer won't use expensive, costly materials designed for battle. Wearing a real kevlar vest as part of a pretend costume would be odd. The same could be said of any other battle-intended materials adorned on a supposedly theatrical costume.

  • Inappropriate questions are asked.

If the super-villain has been asking questions about surveillance camera setups, emergency exits, and convention security services, this should raise a major red flag. Someone solely interested in winning a costume contest is hardly concerned about convention security. A person hoping to undermine or circumvent security for nefarious purposes probably does think about such things.

All Conventions Require Security

Any type of convention that draws large crowds needs the appropriate security personnel necessary for maintaining safety. Super-villains are not the only character prone to engage in suspicious behavior. A solid convention security team (such as Security Unlimited) should be able to pick out anyone who represents a potential disturbance or threat at any type of event.