3 Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips For Your Restaurant

Although you might not even want to think about the idea that a fire could occur in the kitchen in your restaurant, it is important to be prepared for anything. The truth is that a fire could occur in your restaurant when you least expect it, no matter how careful your employees might be. This means that you should always be prepared by keeping fire extinguishers on hand.

However, you shouldn't just purchase a few random fire extinguishers and place them in your restaurant. To ensure that they can actually save the day in the event that there is an emergency in your restaurant, follow these important safety tips.

1. Make Sure You Purchase the Right Type

First of all, you should know that there are different types of fire extinguishers. Therefore, you should be careful to purchase the right type for your restaurant. For a commercial kitchen, your best bet is probably to purchase wet chemical fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers can often be used on both Class K and Class A kitchen fires, such as those that are started due to deep fryers incidents or other fires that are caused by grease or oil.

2. Ensure Staff Members Know How to Use Them

You shouldn't assume that everyone in your kitchen will know what to do in the event of a fire. The truth is that using a fire extinguisher incorrectly can actually make the situation much worse. Plus, the person who is attempting to put out the fire but who doesn't know what he or she is doing could be put at a much bigger risk of being burned. It's a smart idea to put all of your employees -- especially those who work in the kitchen -- through a training class so that they can learn how to best use a fire extinguisher.

3. Provide One in the Dining Area

It can be easy to forget to put a fire extinguisher in the dining area of your restaurant, since many people focus on keeping them in the kitchen. Although it's obviously important to keep ample fire extinguishers within reach of your entire commercial kitchen, you shouldn't forget to keep one in a handy place in the dining area as well. Then, if a fire spreads or somehow erupts in this part of your restaurant, there is a chance that the problem can be kept under control.

For more information, contact Tri County Fire Protection or a similar company.