Starting Your Own Home Based Jewelry Business

If you have decided to start selling your handmade jewelry, then you want to set your home-based business up in a way that ensures more success. You can follow the helpful advice in this article in order to start your own jewelry business in the easiest, most productive way possible.

Set up your work area

When you make your jewelry as a hobby, you may have your supplies lying all over the place. However, once you decide to start a business and sell your jewelry, you will want to have an area that's set up for your supplies where you can also work. This way, you will have more control over keeping proper inventory and you'll have a place to go to when you find you are in need of filling orders quickly.

Your work area should have enough counter space for you to work and a chair that's comfortable and keeps you at the right height. You also want plenty of storage space for your inventory and great lighting. Make sure the space can be properly heated and cooled so you will be comfortable working at all times of the year.

Get your inventory together

Make a list of everything you need to get started making all the jewelry pieces you want to start out selling. Look for the best deals on bulk orders and keep pricing and all other ordering information in your files for future reference, as well as taxes. Keep track of what you use so you know when it's time to order more supplies so you don't run out.

Get started selling

Make sure you have the proper licenses for running a business in your area. Make plans to rent space at any local farmers markets or swap meets you plan to sell at. Also, set up your website and take great pictures of your jewelry as you finish each piece, so you can upload them to the website and list them for sale.

Order fulfillment

As soon as someone orders a piece of jewelry off your site, you want to package it professionally, making sure it is well-protected and secured so it won't get damaged during the delivery process. Consider adding a business card or small thank you note in the package with a reminder of your web site address. This helps to increase the number of repeat sales you get. Ship the items within a day of receiving the order so your customers will be pleased with the delivery time. Provide areas for them to give feedback and reviews on your website.

Following the advice here is going to help you get your jewelry business off to a good running start so you can start seeing great results as quickly as possible. For more information, talk to a professional like Cargo-Net, Inc.