Three Ways To Sell School Fundraising Products Without Going Door To Door

Nearly every school across the country uses fundraisers as a method of meeting shortfalls in their budgets. The most common method to earn money is by selling products from companies that donate a portion of the sales price to the seller. There are numerous products to choose from, but the problem has been how to increase the amount of the sales. Parents and teachers understand that door-to-door sales, a profitable method at one time, is now too risky for children. Creative ideas are needed and the following are a few examples of how to bump up fundraising product sales. 

Establish Competing Booths

Encourage classes to compete for the highest sales rather than having children sell individually. Have each classroom design a sales booth, create a business plan and put it into action. Allow the booths to operate at school events, local trade fairs, and other public areas. Require that at least one adult and a few students run the booth at all time. The booth that earns the most profit at the end of the designated selling period wins. Prizes for the winning class could be an ice cream party, small gift bags or some other inexpensive reward. In addition to earning money, this method is useful as a teaching tool for operating a business. 

Remember Social Media

Selling fundraising products online is nothing new, but it is not always used to its maximum potential. Parents and students are often left to sell on their own to their own contacts. Many of these contacts are other parents and students also in the process of raising funds. Booster clubs, the PTA, and other organizations within the school can help expand potential sales opportunities by creating their own social media pages and event announcements to encourage people within the community to take part. Local libraries, the Chamber of Commerce office, and other non-profit groups are often willing to help spread the word on their own social media pages.

Partner with Businesses

It is unlikely that retailers offering the same products as the fundraiser will want to assist with something that could lower their own profits. However, there are enough fundraising products available to make it possible for schools to choose items that could compliment, rather than compete with, local businesses. For example, a school selling pet supplies could partner with a local animal clinic or shelter. Consider asking a local gift shop or boutique owner for table space within their shop for a holiday wrapping paper display. Sell wrapping paper and bows and offer a gift wrapping service over the holiday season. Being out in the community will help to draw attention from people that do not have children in the school district and are not aware of the fundraising effort. 

Because schools across the country are facing budget cuts without any reduction in their expenses the school boards and parents are seeking creative ways to earn money. These efforts support extra curricular activities, fund field trips, and sometimes even provide basic supplies for the classrooms. Fundraisers are a great opportunity to earn extra cash and teach children the importance of contributing their time and effort to a good cause.