Benefits Of Carrying A Concealed Weapon That Fires Rifle-Style Rounds

When you shop for a pistol that you'll legally carry in a concealed fashion, it's common to choose something that is compact. This can be ideal because it's easier to carry, especially for lengthy periods. However, if you're concerned about the risk of being caught in a mass shooting, you may feel as though your compact pistol doesn't give you the confidence that a larger gun might provide. One option is to consider a heavy-duty pistol that fires rounds that share some similarities with rifle rounds. There are a few such firearms for sale, and they are popular among many gun enthusiasts. Here are some benefits of carrying this concealed weapon.

Ability To Engage At Farther Distances

In a mass shooting situation in which you need to protect yourself and those around you through the use of force, you won't necessarily be face to face with the shooter. Depending on the environment in which you find yourself, you could be a considerable distance away—which would render a compact pistol largely ineffective. A big benefit of carrying a firearm that shoots rifle-style rounds is that you'd be able to engage the target at a distance, given that the range of these firearms is notable. This could be the difference between taking the shooter down and you getting hurt or killed.

Fewer Concerns About Body Armor

Today, many mass shooters protect their bodies with advanced body armor that is similar to what law enforcement professionals wear. A compact pistol that shoots a low-caliber round may be ineffective against such armor. This would obviously be problematic as shooting at the subject could merely alert them to your presence. A pistol that shoots rifle-style rounds will deliver your bullets at a high rate of speed that may be enough to puncture body armor, thus neutralizing the threat.

Penetration Through Barriers

It's very dangerous to get into an exchange of fire with a mass shooter while you're using a pistol because many mass shooters carry assault-style weapons. However, if you do find yourself in this exchange, you want to make each of your rounds count. Sometimes, a suspect will seek cover behind some sort of barrier that is present at the scene. Rounds from a compact pistol have little hope of penetrating most barriers. With a pistol that shoots rifle-style rounds, however, you can be more confident in your ability to penetrate many barriers and potentially inflict a neutralizing wound on the assailant.