Buying an Older Home? Why Your First Home Improvement Project Should Be a Water Treatment System

If you've recently purchased an older home, and it's not connected to a water treatment system, then that's the first investment you should make once you move in. You might not realize this, but older homes are notorious for having bad water, especially if they're connected to a well. Here are four important reasons to install a water treatment system as soon as you close on your older home. 

Protect Your Pipes

If the pipes are outdated in the home you're buying, and you've decided to replace the plumbing, you'll want to protect your home investment. This is especially important if the water supply to your home has elevated levels of minerals. Hard water can ruin your pipes, even if they're brand-new. Over time, the mineral deposits will eat away at your pipes, or leave them clogged with calcium. The best way to protect the new pipes in your home is to install a water treatment system as soon as you move in. 

Get Rid of the Rust

If you've decided to leave the original pipes in place, you'll need to take steps to reduce the rust. Old pipes can contain rust deposits that can then filter through the faucets. When that happens, you'll notice rust deposits in the water. In fact, you might even notice that the rust deposits stain your dishes.

Rusty water might not be extremely harmful to your health, but it's unpleasant to look at, which means you might not drink as much water as you should. That's why you need a water treatment system. The water treatment system removes the rust, which will improve the appearance of your water. 

Eliminate Bad Taste

If you bought an older home, taste the water before you move in. If the water has a bitter taste, you need to have a water treatment system installed. There are a number of problems that can cause your water to have a bitter taste. High mineral content is one of those problems. However, the chemicals added to water in order to remove contamination can also alter the fresh taste of water. To improve the taste of the water in the older home you've purchased, invest in a water treatment system. 

Reduce Scale Buildup

Finally, if you're buying an older home, and you've got bad water and outdated pipes, you need to invest in a water treatment system as soon as possible. This is especially true if you want to reduce the time it takes to clean your house. Hard water can leave scale deposits on your dishes, sinks, and bathtubs. A good water treatment system will reduce the scale buildup, and the time it takes to clean your house.