4 Ways Temporary Staffing Agencies Help With Career Advancement

Temporary staffing agencies offer a wealth of opportunities for individuals who might be in-between jobs or those that need employment, but only temporarily. Yet, a partnership with an agency can also provide career-boosting advantages. If you have dreams of excelling and advancing your career, learn how a staffing agency can assist you below.

1. Temp-to-Perm Bridge

A large share of jobs offered by staffing agencies are short-term, but not every role fits this description. Some employers enlist positions that begin as temporary assignments but with the option to permanently hire the individual after a certain period, such as 90 days. If you have had a hard time finding a role in the traditional route, the temp-to-perm bridge can help because you get to show the employer how much of an asset you will be for the brand. 

2. Skillset Building

One reason people are sometimes unable to advance in their careers is their limited skill set. Yet, in order to gain these skills, you have to get hired. This scenario presents a vicious cycle. Working on a temporary assignment might provide you with the opportunity to pick up new skills that you can, in turn, include on your resume. Some agencies will even train their workers for specific roles, which can also help increase your skillset and opportunities for future employment. 

3. Unlisted Opportunities

Staffing agencies often have existing relationships with a number of employers. As a result, some companies will forgo listing their open positions the traditional route and only list them with a staffing agency. For professionals in the industry, a partnership with a staffing agency could mean that they have a chance to secure a role that might have otherwise been unavailable. Essentially, you have more employment available to choose from.

4. Specific Feedback

Staffing agencies want to maintain their relationships with the companies they work with, so they make an effort to only send workers on assignments that are qualified for the role. If you apply for a position and are not qualified, the staffing agency will sometime offer feedback as to why you are not suitable for the role. You can then use this feedback to determine what steps you need to take to improve. This type of feedback is rarely granted in a traditional hiring process. 

Contact a temporary staffing agency to explore your options and for more information. They may be able to help advance your career.