3 Ways To Protect Your Documents And Supplies In A Storage Unit

As you are looking to put old documents and supplies in a storage unit, one of the biggest problems you need to plan for is how to protect those things from the elements. While storage units are secure and protected, there are still problems that can befall your belongings while they are being stored. Here are 3 ways that you can protect your documents and supplies as you have them in storage.

Put documents on shelves

While banker boxes full of papers may seem like they can stand on each other without the need for shelving, they are too heavy for long term storage. Each full box of paper can weigh nearly 40 pounds. As a result, the boxes on the bottom can warp and cause the rest of the stack to fall over and spill documents everywhere. To prevent this, use shelving inside of your storage unit to distribute the weight of your boxes of documents evenly. This will prevent any stacks from collapsing and also protect the boxes in the bottom from any possible weather damage.

Use plastic sheeting to cover sensitive items

While storage units are very reliable, there are times when the roof can leak, just like with any building. Because you aren't regularly in your unit, it is imperative that you protect your documents and supplies from the elements. An easy way to do this is to cover everything with plastic sheeting. Use bricks to pin down the edges of the plastic and overlap sheets. Use a thicker gauge plastic so that it stays stiff and rigid to prevent water from pooling in places on the top of your stacks.

Pinning plastic sheeting down isn't an exact process, so you will need to fix issues that you see in order to best protect your papers and supplies. If you notice low spots, even them out with batting, blankets, or other soft and light items. Tape the seams of the sheeting together so that water can't leak in between sheets of plastic.

Use tarps or other waterproof materials to seal openings

Many storage units are slightly lower than the roads that they are located on. As a result, you can end up with water pooling around door openings when snow melts or after a storm. To prevent this from seeping in, use a tarp right in front of any doors into your storage unit. Secure the tarp with weights or bricks along the length of the tarp. This will prevent any water from getting in and laying stagnant. In turn, this will prevent mold from seeping in and damaging items.

As you follow these suggestions, your important documents and supplies will stay safe, secure, and in good working order. Visit 1st Stop Storage if you are looking for a storage facility in your area.