Golden Spaceships And 3 Other Unique Uses Of Gold

Even though you know that gold is used for jewelry and as a medium of monetary exchange, there are many other uses for this valuable metal. Here are four unique uses for gold.

Gold in Spaceships

Gold is used in the circuitry of spaceships. Considering the amount of money is spent on the research and development of spaceships, it is no wonder that scientists depend on this highly reliable metal for this task. Additionally, gold is used to reflect radiation on the surfaces of a spaceship. A gold layer of film placed on dark colored surfaces helps the spaceship control its internal temperature.

If the spaceship did not control its internal temperature, it could absorb too much heat. Did you know that gold also lubricates the mechanical parts of a spaceship? Thin pieces of gold lubricate a spaceship's moving parts. Gold is reliable in this manner because it has a strong sheer strength.

Gold as a Pharmaceutical

Doctors sometimes use gold to treat medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. When they do this, they use a weak solution of aurothioglucose to inject into the patient's problem areas. Additionally, doctors use gold to treat lagophthalmos.

This is a condition where someone cannot completely close his or her eyes. During this treatment, the doctor implants a small amount of gold in the patient's eyelids. This gold acts as weights in the eyelids and uses gravity to close the eyes fully.

Gold as a Conductor in Computers and Electronics

Did you know that your laptop and smartphone might contain pieces of gold? Gold is the most reliable and efficient conductor of any of the metals. These qualities make it ideal for the rapid transmission of data in your laptop and smartphone. Additionally, large appliances like TVs also contain gold because of its highly reliable conducting properties.

Gold in Glassmaking

A glassmaker will use gold for its color during the glassmaking process. They use little bits of gold inside the glass and suspend it to create a reddish color. Moreover, glassmakers in construction use gold in glass buildings. The main use of gold here is climate control. To control the climate in glass buildings, glassmakers again place tiny bits of gold inside glass because these gold pieces act as great reflectors of the sun's rays.

The preceding four facts show you four ways that gold is used in the world today. While you may have gold on your holiday gift list, it is probably in the form of jewelry. Now you know that the use of gold goes far beyond jewelry. Contact a company like Woodland Money Loan for more information.