What's The Best Office Furniture For Your Small Startup?

Now that you've got the funding to get your small startup off the ground, it's time to create a professional office for your new clients. The only problem is your office's small space doesn't leave much room open to get what you need. But don't worry. Here's what you need to get to design a professional office with limited space.

Round Meeting Table and Chairs

A round meeting table is a great choice for utilizing your small space. Round meeting tables don't take up much office space because they lack the elongated sides and sharp edges of rectangular-shaped tables. In addition, you can place your meeting table anywhere in the room with ease, including in a corner or in the middle of the room.

Choosing chairs for your round table won't be too difficult. Most office tables come with two or more chairs, but you might go with two chairs to save space. Chairs with rounded backs and plush cushions work well with your table.

In addition, make sure that your chairs have ergonomic features, such as curved backs to alleviate stress on your clients' spines. But if you're really unsure about what types of ergonomic features to look for when you shop for your clients, purchase chairs that fit your own body's needs instead. If the chairs make you feel comfortable when you sit down to work or relax, then they'll most likely feel that way for your clients.

Modern Computer Desk

Finally, complete your small office with a modern computer desk. These range in a variety of sizes, but a compact desk may suit your needs. Choose a compact computer desk to fit along the walls of your office, or a desk with wheels and turn it into a mobile unit. You can always navigate your mobile unit to a comfy guest chair or ottoman if you don't have a sofa to sit on.

After you choose the desk, buy an office chair with a swiveled seat, adjustable seat adjuster and wide legs. These features fit the requirements of ergonomic chairs.

Tips for You

If your budget permits it, invest in a good, leather sofa or ottoman for your clients. Professional clients may travel from different places to get to your office. As a result, those clients may need a comfortable place to sit and relax before your meetings. A leather sofa or ottoman may cost a little more to buy, but leather lasts longer than vinyl material because it doesn't:

  • Break down in heat
  • Crack after long-time wear and tear 
  • Require extensive maintenance if you apply a protective leather finish or coating on the leather when you buy it

These features alone make leather is a great investment for your startup because you don't have to replace or repurchase a sofa or ottoman for your clients.

If you need additional help choosing professional furniture for your office's small space, contact a furniture expert today.