Protecting Your Business with Electronic Card Access Systems

Whether you have valuable products to protect your your business stores sensitive client data, keeping your building secured may be a major concern for your business. While alarm systems and security cameras can help to secure your building, an electronic access system can provide an added layer of protection for your company. Here are some of the reasons to consider an electronic access system.

Limit Employee Access

Using an electronic access system makes it easy to limit the access of employees to areas throughout your building. With traditional key systems, you might have to give employees with higher security clearances a large set of bulky keys. Electronic access systems use key cards to open each door in your facility. You can provide a single card to each employee that provides access to only the areas in your building you select. This means you can limit access for your sales team to just the sales department while giving more broad access to your janitorial crew without having to account for separate keys.

Monitoring Employee Activity

If you notice suspicious activity, from missing inventory to disappearing paperwork, you can use your electronic access system's monitoring component to see the times that each employee entered an area of your building. This can help you narrow down your list of potentially dishonest employees and find the source of theft in your building.

Multifunctional Card Uses

Work with your commercial locksmith to create a key card entry system that incorporates each employee's photo on the front of the card. This lets you create an identification system for your employees that works with your electronic access system. In the event that a card becomes lost or damaged, your building's security team can use the image on the card to identify the person in your building.

Access to Your Building

If your business is situated in a large office building and not open to the public, you can opt for an electronic card access system that lets only your employees gain access to the building. This ensures that people who might want to steal inventory, sensitive files, or trade secrets won't be able to sneak in with your employees reporting for work each day. You can create a guest pass system that gives limited access to approved visitors, which can be passed out by your security team at the front reception desk of your building.

Electronic card access systems provide convenient ways to limit access to your building while ensuring your staff members can gain easy entry to authorized areas. Talk to your locksmith about how this type of security system can benefit your business. For more information about building security for your business, contact a company like Pinnacle Lock & Safe.