Buying an Older Home? Why Your First Home Improvement Project Should Be a Water Treatment System

If you've recently purchased an older home, and it's not connected to a water treatment system, then that's the first investment you should make once you move in. You might not realize this, but older homes are notorious for having bad water, especially if they're connected to a well. Here are four important reasons to install a water treatment system as soon as you close on your older home.  Protect Your Pipes [Read More]

Fire Door Gap Fillers Will Keep Your Building Up To Code And Your Employees Safe

As a business owner with your own building, it is important to keep your property up to code. But that's not just to comply with regulations. It's also important because it helps keep your building safe for you, your employees, and your customers. One of the many ways that you can provide extra fire safety for your structure is the installation of one or more fire doors. These doors are designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading from one room to another or one floor to another. [Read More]

Things To Know Before Selling Your Estate Jewelry

If you have been left some estate jewelry, you may be wondering how to sell it for the best value. The following can help you get started. Material Value The value of estate jewelry may not be the jewelry itself, but the materials it is made of. The most obvious example is jewelry made of precious metals, such as gold and silver. If this is the case with your jewelry, then before you sell it is vital that you know the metal content (i. [Read More]

Utilizing Heavy Duty Mailing Tubes In Your Logistics

Mailing documents and other small items are a major part of your business's daily operations. This will require you to keep the enterprise stocked on the shipping materials that are needed to safely send these items. In particular, the heavy-duty mailing tubes are essential supplies for efficiently sending documents and other items. Will Heavy-Duty Mailing Tubes Always Be Made Of Plastic Or Vinyl? To make sure that the items that are being mailed will be kept safe for the duration of their journey, you may want to use heavy-duty mailing tubes. [Read More]